Andrzej Wójcik Application 2024

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My name is Andrzej Wójcik and I live in Poland. I'm 38 now and I'm very interested in XMPP since 2005. I am applying to retain my XSF membership. Currently, I work for Tigase

If you need to contact me send a jabber message to the address: andrzej.wojcik AT or an email to andrzej.wojcik AT


A very long time ago, I was working on an XMPP client ( a fork of Psi) named Synapse-IM. During lack of time (as I was a student then), I was forced to stop the development of this project and the project died. But I learned a lot about XMPP during the development of this project and in the next years, I've created some private XMPP projects. Since 2008 I'm hosting my own XMPP server. At first, it was running Openfire, then eJabberd and since the end of 2008 it is running Tigase XMPP Server which I started to modify to satisfy my own needs (but still to comply with XMPP and its extensions). In 2007 I was accepted as a member of XSF and I was a member for one year. Since 2010 I work for Tigase and constantly work on XMPP clients and server.

What I do

During my work for Tigase I'm working on the following XMPP projects:

Plans for a future

I want to work to improve Tigase XMPP Server and other XMPP-based projects to improve the user experience of XMPP protocol as well as to improve interoperability between XMPP services and security of XMPP services.

XMPP - Why I like it

Since I started my journey with XMPP, I have seen a lot of XEPs that extended this protocol allowing anyone to integrate many different services using one protocol common protocol to allow them to communicate and create new unique solutions not possible before. Moreover, XMPP is an open technology that allows anyone to add new implementations or new services and easily integrate them with the existing network allowing other users to use it.