Alexander Gnauck for Board 2008

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I am a 34 years old software developer from Heilbronn, Germany. I am the founder of AG-Software and lead developer of the agsXMPP SDK. I also work on several other XMPP related products for AG-Software and divers other companies. I believe in open source software, support the open source community and try to find the balance between OS and commercial software and licensing. Mainly I am a software developer/architect with business background.

I'm involved in Jabber since 2000, member of the XSF since 2002, the XSF secretary since 2006 and was serving the XSF Board since 2006.

Why I'm reapplying

  • I would like to continue participating in the XSF and promote XMPP.
  • continue and support the Devcons which are very important and strengthen our community.
  • better marketing, we have a great protocol and standards process, but we have to tell more developers about.


  • radio controlled helicopters and powerboats
  • cycling