Alexander Gnauck for Board 2007

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I am the founder of AG-Software and main developer of the agsXMPP SDK ( I also work on several other XMPP related products for AG-Sofware and divers other companies. I believe in open source software, support the open source community and try to find the balance between OS and commercial software and licensing. Mainly I am a software developer/architect with business background. I'm involved in jabber since 2000 and I'm also a long time member and currently secretary of the XSF.

Why I'm reapplying:

  • get more big companies to use XMPP or open their services.
  • find more sponsors to support the XSF which is very important for projects like e2e, the ICA and interopt network.
  • continue and support the Devcons which are very important and strengthen our community.
  • get e2e security done
  • SPAM/SPIM protection
  • because it's a pleasure to work active in a great, open, friendly community like the XSF.


My XMPP-ID:, if you prefer email then contact me at