Alexander Gnauck for Board 2006

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I am the founder of AG-Software and main developer of the agsXMPP SDK ( I also work on several other XMPP related products for AG-Sofware and divers other companies. I believe in open source software, support the open source community and try to find the balance between OS and commercial software and licensing. Mainly I am a software developer/architect with business background. I'm involved in jabber since 2000 when I had to write my 1st IM product for a company. I am also a member of the JSF for a long time.

Why I'm Applying:

The protocols and the JSF made huge progress in the last years and the IETF standard. The current applications prove that the protocol is elaborated, secure and scalable.

my goals in applying are:

  • relaunch of the JSF websites. More user friendly webpages to attract both, end-users and developers
  • getting members more active and involved ( I would also like to see more votes for all members in the JSF on different topics.
  • get more companies to adopt XMPP in their applications. And especially get more non-IM usage of the XMPP protocol. We all know that XMPP is much more than only IM
  • More events like a jabber-day or interop testing. Because it's nearly impossible to bring together members and developers from all over the world we should aim smaller and local events.


My XMPP-ID:, if you prefer email then contact me at