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Who I am

My name is Alessandro Malgaroli, I am 36 years old, live in Torino (Italy) and am one of the co-founders of Bluendo together with Fabio Forno and Luca Tagliaferri. I graduated in electronic engineering in 1998 and since then been in the software development business. I've always been a "back-end" men, although occasionally doing works with web site front ends. I started coding in Java in 1996 during university and sticked mostly to it during all of my career, although I can "speak" to a certain extent C, C++, C#, Perl and Python, plus most of the horrible mess of so-called languages that are needed to program for the web.

What I do with Jabber/XMPP

My work involving XMPP it's sadly still not publicly released. My current occupation is making me add and test support for XMPP for what we at Bluendo have called an "XMPP Application Server". It is based on a project (called FreeDEM) of an "event driven application server", that we developed together with a partner in 2008 that is currently released on sourceforge at the address I linked. Sadly its website and its wiki aren't currently managed and updated regularly.

We are currently internally using that server and the XMPP layer we added inside that project to develop XMPP based components and services for our customers.

Plans for the future

In the next future, I'd like mainly to complete the XMPP support in Free DEM so to release a product that can be used to create applications and services for the "asynchronous web".

Why I like XMPP

Few key points: Flexibility and extensibility, strong authentication built in, federated network, simple concepts spanning all the communication needs (1:1, 1:N) and its intrinsic asynchronous and full-duplex nature.

Why I'm applying

Contributing to the community with my experience, help the community build and improve the standard for server-side components, delivering examples and best practices for XMPP use in the "server side" and adding a bit of sun to heat up this community of lizards :D Jokes aside: I think that interest in XMPP could raise if building blocks for XMPP such as Wokkel were available also for more widespread and known languages. I could surely lend a hand on that.

My Contact

company: Bluendo