Aditya Borikar Application 2021

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My name is Aditya Borikar and currently I am employed at a non XMPP based startup. I work on AttendanceBot, a chat bot based system available on Hangouts, MSteams and Slack.

XMPP Background

I have been using XMPP since my involvement in Google Summer of Code 2020 with Smack. Since then I have attended some sessions of XMPP office hours. Recently I have not been involved in XMPP development but I frequently test newer XEP implementations on clients.

Why do I want to reapply

I want to help with XEP implementation on clients. I feel that my current full time job offers me a different perspective to look at communication systems. If needed I want to be able to propose newer XEPs and improve the exisiting ones.



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