Adam Nemeth Application 2008

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I'm 24,living in Hungary, taking my final studies on MSc of Enterprise Architect / Information Engineer. Using open source technologies since 1998, I was submitting patches and/or being active otherwise in various - although mostly hungarian - projects. I was creating webpages as a living since I was 16 (to cover my studies), in time, I was in the CMS and then in the web 2.0 scene with a small group of talented people behind me (who were taught by me mostly).

Besides my studies and work, I was a leaderboard member of Károly Simonyi College for Advanced Studies, and a researcher of Media Education and Research Center, Budapest , and for a short period of time, the Kitchen Budapest medialab (latter two are affiliates of Hungarian Telekom, subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom). I studied communities, social aspects of networked services, including presence.

Now I'm a development consultant, working for the second largest internet interest group in Hungary, counting millions of visitors daily. My work includes preparing the next generation of our messaging system, which, of course, is built on Jabber.


I'm writing the JabberMania blog, which focuses on jabber technology.

I'm nearly done with my XEP proposal and demo code for handling MSN-like custom smileys in XMPP

I've done a publication of jabber on the largest news portal in Hungary, and I've done several appereances on conferences and meetings (my next one will be on 16th january, on Free Software Nights) advocating jabber.

I'm a freelance consultant for jabber-based technologies. This includes one large-scale technology too.

Our Google Maps mashup service offers also jabber functionality (with unified authentication), although not on web.

Also, I'm a volunteer of the webteam.

Why I would like to apply

Sometimes it just causes problems that I can't be bound anywhere :) Like when they ask me on a conference: "On behalf of which organization are you speaking of jabber?"

For a lot of people, I represent jabber in Hungary, since they see me speaking and writing about it.

I think therefore it would be desirable if I would be a member of XSF officially :)