Abhinav Singh for Council 2012

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Hi, I am Abhinav Singh, aged 28 years, from Bangalore, India. I first applied for XSF membership in 2010 (elected). I am currently an XSF member and applying for XSF council membership.

Me and XMPP

  • Discovered XMPP in Sep, 2007 while working on a self initiated project Gtalkbots
  • I am author of JAXL Library which was later open sourced in Jan, 2009
  • JAXL library implements 51 XMPP XEP's including MUC, PubSub, PEP, File Transfer and others.
  • In 2011, I released WP-Chat plugin for wordpress which was built on top of XMPP
  • From Aug, 2010 till Mar, 2012 I worked on my startup Jaxl with a vision of providing a real-time PUSH transport for applications over cloud that works across all platforms.
  • Jaxl platform was build on top of XMPP and written mostly in Erlang
  • I am author of ebosh, a BOSH connection manager written on top of Erlang OTP
  • I have contributed to exmpp and strophejs
  • Ejabberd/XMPP consultant for WOOW International where I developed Message Carbon, custom MUC and analytics module for Ejabberd.
  • I enjoy helping XMPP developers at stackoverflow and XSF mailing list

Priorities for 2012-13

  • Contribute to existing XEP's specifically BOSH and MUC
  • Contribute ideas and help in development of new XEP's
  • Initiate India XMPP chapter for regular meetings and talks
  • Help XSF infrastructure team with day to day working

Contact Info