Abhinav Singh Application 2013

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About Me

I am Abhinav Singh, aged 29 years, XMPP/Realtime System Architect, Consultant, Freelancer from Bangalore, India.

XMPP Related Projects

  • EBosh - BOSH connection manager written in Erlang
  • Jaxl Library - I am the author of open source XMPP client library Jaxl. Written in PHP, Jaxl v3.x is an object oriented, non-blocking, event based modular XMPP client/component library. Jaxl library comes bundles with dozens of XMPP extensions (XEP's) including MUC, PubSub and others.


  • XMPP fits seamlessly into a large variety of verticals including social web, research, home appliances etc.
  • I recommend and help developers for using XMPP in their applications

Why I like XMPP

  • Flexible, Extensible and it's Real time in nature
  • Huge open source community

Why I am applying

  • Working towards improvement of existing XEP's
  • Contribute idea and support for developing new XEP's
  • Start India XMPP chapter for meetings and talks
  • Join XSF infrastructure team

Contact Info