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About Me

I am Abhinav Singh, aged 26 years from Bangalore, India. I am the founder of Jaxl Inc. a start-up passionate about creating products which are real time in nature and predominate our social life. Products that also bridge the communication gap between browser, desktop and mobiles. XMPP protocol being the base for all the products.

Prior to starting Jaxl Inc., I worked for 2 years with Yahoo! and a year with Oracle.

XMPP Related Projects

  • Gtalkbots - It was as a self initiated project which hosted some of the famous gaming/utility bots and acted like a gtalk status aggregator for registered users.
  • Jaxl Library - I am the author of open source XMPP client library Jaxl. Written in PHP, Jaxl library was developed while working on Gtalkbots.com
  • Jaxl IM - Jaxl IM is an embeddable Instant Messenger for your website. It runs across all major browsers and is built upon XMPP protocol. It is a hosted solution empowering real time communication between you and your site visitors. It expects no software or hardware pre-requisites from your site servers or users.


  • XMPP fits seamlessly into a large variety of verticals including social web, research, home appliances etc.
  • I recommend and help developers for using XMPP in their applications

Why I like XMPP

  • Flexible, Extensible and it's Real time in nature
  • Huge open source community

Why I am applying

  • Working towards improvement of existing XEP's
  • Contribute idea and support for developing new XEP's
  • Start India XMPP chapter for meetings and talks
  • Join XSF infrastructure team

Contact Info