Aaron LaFramboise Application 2010

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  • Name: Aaron W. LaFramboise
  • Jabber ID: aaronkryptokos@jabber.org
  • Email: aaronkryptokos6@aaronwl.com
  • Company: Cryptic Studios


I am an Infrastructure Programmer at Cryptic Studios, where I work primarily on back-end infrastructure, platform, and utility software. This software supports several currently-released and in-production online video games. My open source experience is primarily in the GNU toolchain (GCC, binutils, and gdb) and Boost. Prior my current work involving XMPP, I had extensive experience with IRC technologies.

Note that while I am working on XMPP in a professional capacity for my company, I intend for my membership to be personal. All of my statements and activities should be construed to represent me only.

XMPP Projects

  • My company is implementing an initiative to allow access to some of our in-game social features through XMPP. Because our chat system has an architecture that differs substantially from the design of popular Jabber servers, and also due to some unique operational requirements due to the nature of our business, we opted to design our own XMPP server.

Jabber - Why I like it

Jabber is an ideal way to allow our customers to communicate and socialize on their terms. Because XMPP is open and standardized, they use any compatible client that they wish, and they can use it in the manner best suits their personal preferences.

Why I'm Applying

I hope our company's experiences in adopting XMPP can help inform the general standardization process on various practical issues related to fitting XMPP into existing closed systems. A large part of the XMPP philosophy is extensibility and flexibility, and I think it's important that our use case is encorporated in the development and standardization processes, both for our sake, and for other similar organizations. We may also be able to help XMPP make in-roads into video games software, an area where present adoption is somewhat limited.