Aaron Axelsen Application 2009

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I am Aaron Axelsen and I am reapplying for JSF Membership. I am also an Instructional Technologist at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, I have currently been running a jabber server which is rapidly being used in classes and other areas across campus. We are actively working on a custom app that taps into the openfire database to view chatroom logs, based on login credentials. We also hope to continue investing audio and video chatting in the near future.

I am also the Hosting Systems Administrator for Modevia Web Services, a division of Jewell Technical Consulting, where we are great supporters of the open source community and actively use jabber and come up with ideas to promote it's use to others.


I have been a regular contributor to the open source community for the last 8-9 years. I contributed several SourceForge projects in different areas. I am also very active in php/perl web development, and perl and unix shell scripting. I contributed jabber installation documentation and worked with startup scripts. I also worked along with other transport developer's debugging code and repairing glitches.

More information on my projects and other projects i've contributed towards can be found on my website: http://aaron.axelsen.us


I plan to continue to provide documentation along with any other little scripts I come up with. We are currently pushing jabber at UW-Whitewater, and I plan to share anything I come up with to make life easier. I hope to see jabber catch on even more!


I am reapplying for a JSF membership because I use it everyday It has great potential to be better than it already is. I would enjoy offering input involved with jabber implementation in a University environment, along with additional features to further improve the jabber instant messaging system. I am willing and able to offer feedback to developers to aid them in enhancing their final product.