Aaron Axelsen Application 2007

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I am Aaron Axelsen and I am reapplying for JSF Membership. I am the Technical Director for Modevia Web Services LLC, where we are great supporters of the open source community, we are running jabber server and plan to use it more in the future, and we also host development services for pyAim and pyIcq transports (www.blathersource.org).

I am also an Instructional Technologist at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, I have currently been running a pilot server with hopes that in the future it will be used as a service for the campus community. I have been experimenting with different transports and working with some of the authors to better improve their performance. We have researched and begin to implenting jabber as a form of online support for our course management system.


I have been a regular contributor to the open source community for the last 5-6 years. I contributed several SourceForge projects in different areas. I am also very active in php/perl web development, and perl and unix shell scripting. I contributed jabber installation documentation and worked with startup scripts. I also worked along with other transport developer's debugging code and repairing glitches.


I plan to continue to provide documentation along with any other little scripts I come up with. We are currently pushing jabber at UW-Whitewater, and I plan to share anything I come up with to make life easier. I hope to see jabber catch on even more! Our current platform of choice is Wildfire, and we hope to get things functional on a large scale.

I have a rewritten web frontend for bandersnatch logging in the works as well, that offers a more extensive view of the logs.

I also plan to continue to work with other tranport developers to iron out bugs and nail down any lingering features


I am reapplying for a JSF membership because I use it everyday It has great potential to be better than it already is. I would enjoy offering input involved with jabber implementation in a University environment, along with additional features to further improve the jabber instant messaging system. I am willing and able to offer feedback to develepers to aid them in enhancing their final product.