Xavier Ferrer Application 2019

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All of this is fine, but I much rather prefer in person communication :D

About me

Hello everyone! I'm Xavier Ferrer de la Peñita but everyone calls me Xavi.

I work as a backend developer for an E-commerce company although my application here is entirely for personal reasons.

Even though I've not been actively developing XMPP related software before (bots don't count right? :D), I've been an XMPP user for quite a while now, and also, like many others, self host a server for me, my family and friends. I was lucky enough to attend last Berlin Sprint and implement XEP-0382 in Kaidan which was a great experience.

I coauthored XEP-0382 willing to modernize the XMPP scene, to be able to popularize it and make it easy for very end users to leverage XMPP based clients to free themselves and join the federation. In this regard, I feel there's a lot of work that we need to do to ease XMPP usage to end users, work that I'm more than willing to help on. So that's one of the main reasons I am applying to become member of the XFS. I have wanted to apply to the XSF for some time now, but what made me decide finally has been going to the Berlin Sprint and being able to meet in person people with a great interest in XMPP as me. That was a blast and encouraged me to get more involved in XMPP and the XSF.

So, with nothing more to add, please feel free to poke me if you want to know anything else and otherwise see you around!