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About the content that the XSF "produces" and publishes.


Content curation:

  • collect and aggregate the news from the community
  • send by email to subscribers
  • post on the XSF blog
  • promote via social media

The newsletter process is documented.

Social Media

We have many social media accounts to spread the awareness.

The goal is to focus on our website pages:

  • summarise/synthetise a part of a website page
  • co-construct the social media post content
  • schedule posts for the next weeks/months
  • analyse/criticise the statistics/analytics
  • adapt/iterate

Original content

Engage the community to produce more and better content, also to relay this content.

The goal is to focus on the community projects:

  • encourage the production of simple content, with illustrations
  • relay the blog posts on the Jabber planet
  • encourage the use of social media, with good/best practices


It would be nice to get to know our audience, and what they wish.

The results of such surveys would produce more content, and possibly engage more.