XMPP Office Hours

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Weekly "office hours" (short talks, discussions, or demos held virtually) occur every Tuesday.

Want to show the world around your favorite client? Get feedback on a new feature you developed? Encourage other clients to implement your favorite XEP? Or just have a round table discussion about a topic that's close to your heart? This is the place to do it.

Talks and demos can be any length, but we'll strive to keep the whole session to around an hour at maximum (ideally we'll stick to something closer to 30 minutes) including any time for questions (if the speaker wants them).


  • 2021-12-14T17:00Z "Fighting Windows and XMPP - Building a (modern?) Windows XMPP Client" by Fabian Sauter
  • No signups past this point; want to give a talk? Sign up above!

All XSF Events are listed in our public XSF Calendar.

Previous Talks

Some (but not all) previous talks can be found on our YouTube channel:


Here are a few examples of great talks we've had recently!

Date Time Topic Presenter Contact address Slides (PDF best) Notes Recording
3/26/2021 17:00 UTC Designing Message Styling Sam Whited https://blog.samwhited.com/designing-message-styling.pdf An overview of the design and implementation of the Message Styling API in Mellium https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zet2r-Tw-k4
3/31/2021 17:00 UTC Soprani.ca: bridging us all together Stephen Paul Weber (singpolyma) https://singpolyma.net/presentations/2021/090/soprani.ca/ An overview of the goals and current state of the Soprani.ca (including Cheogram and JMP.chat) projects https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZtxZXs7Ja8
4/6/2021 16:00 UTC Cryptographic Identity: Conquering the Fingerprint Chaos Paul Schaub (vanitasvitae) https://cloud.jabberhead.tk/s/YQnPrXZAHnGezt7 An idea on how to tackle the complexity problem of fingerprint verification in end-to-end encrypted multi device messaging https://youtu.be/oc5844dyrsc


If you are hosting the office hours, see the Office Hours Checklist for a list of tasks to perform the day before, the day of, and after the presentation.