Winfried Tilanus application 2014

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About me

Winfried Tilanus

XMPP related projects


Activities for XSF

  • Since 2012 I try to coordinate the maintenance of the BOSH XEPs (XEP-0124 and XEP-0206).
  • Participation at summits & mailinglists
  • Promoting XMPP, for example in the Dutch Python users group
  • Several talks on Fosdem

Why I want to be a XSF member

XMPP and XMPP web technologies are at the core of my work for HelpIM, issues in the standards immediately translate back to issues my customers experience during their work. I believe in cooperation and openness, so in stead of fixing problems for myself, I choose to cooperate with the projects we rely on, including the XSF.

I wish my time was less limited, there is so much I would like to do for the XSF. But I try to get XEP-0124 and XEP-0206 final. Beside XMPP on the web, security and legal issues are also topics I am interested in.