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About me

I am Winfried Tilanus, 41 years old and from the Netherlands.

Professional life

I own a small company, The core competence of it is facilitating "online psycho-social counselling". Most of the work we do is on developing HelpIM (see below) and hosting it. Beside that I do a bit of consulting. We work closely together with the foundation.

XMPP related projects

I am maintainer of the HelpIM project (latest code base is at github). HelpIM is a chat system tailored for psycho-social counselling by chat. Its history dates from almost 10 years back and has been rewritten several times. It is deployed by over a dozen counselling organizations in the Netherlands. The latest version of HelpIM makes intensively use of BOSH and MUC's. Its written in Python and Javascript, using PyXMPP, JSJaC and xmpptk.

Activities for XSF

  • In 2011 I coordinated the BOSH interop testing at the XMPP summit 10.
  • I just started as co-maintainer of the BOSH XEPs (XEP-0124 and XEP-0206)

Why I want to be a XSF member

XMPP has been invaluable for my work. On top of that, being involved with the XSF (e.g. by participating on summits) has helped my work a lot. I have experienced the XMPP community as very open and helpful. I want my involvement to be reciprocal and contribute to the XMPP community and ecosystem. Becoming a member of the XSF is or me a way to show my involvement with XMPP more explicitly (and more formal).

Contact information

Winfried Tilanus