Winfried Tilanus Application 2024

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Name: Winfried Tilanus



Affiliation: Privacy Company

Some history:

About 20 years ago I became responsible for the XMPP-based chat application of the Dutch Child Helpline. It grew out to a specialised SAAS for online care and it brought me to the center of many e-health innovations in the Netherlands. The focus of my work moved more and more to privacy, but I still kept XMPP in the picture: the protocol has many features that serve many use cases in a privacy friendly way. Recently I have been pushing for the use of XMPP as standard for interoperability for instant messaging systems in Dutch healthcare, with moderate success: it is agreed upon to use it as (mandatory) standard, but the enforcement has still some issues. Recently the Dutch ministry of health has restarted the project, aiming to also create test servers to prove compatibility. I've been asked to chair the working group drafting the technical standard for chat.

Some more history:

You may know me form talks at Fosdem and other places, blogs, summits and some roles I had in the past. But lets be honest: much of my time right now is occupied by the great new job I started recently year: proving to big organisations the shiny nifty service they are using, is illegal. Great work, but also quite intensive, leaving little room for sidekicks. Fortunately my employer is willing to sponsor my effort in the standardizing of messaging in Dutch Healthcare. So though I would be very pleased if I am allowed to stay member of the XSF, right now it would not be wise to take an official position beside 'normal membership' upon me. I will just keep pushing silently in the background and be lurking on the mailing lists (if I'm not bounced out of them)...