Winfried Tilanus Application 2020

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Obligated items

Full name: Winfried Tilanus

Jabber ID:

e-mail address:

Company name:

My attempt to convince you to vote for me

Well, after quitting my SAAS for IM in healthcare some years a ago, I haven't done any serious XMPP implementation stuff anymore. So what did I do? Researching and designing distributed privacy-friendly and secure IT systems and exchange standards in healthcare. And for some reason XMPP keeps popping up there as one of the best options for real time communication. So I am still promoting XMPP and trying to help the XMPP community to get XMPP in such a shape that it is a good option for my use cases (not much to do there).

This year I have been persistently trying to make XMPP a mandatory standard in Dutch healthcare. Though I am making progress, the outcome is still very uncertain... And I had the honour to give this years XMPP talk at FOSDEM (some competition would be appreciated). Beside that, I am mostly hoping to have more time for the XSF because I have both professional and personal more projects going on then one person can sanely handle. (Hmmm... is this convincing to vote for me?).

What can you expect from me when I get voted in?

  • Continuation of my lobby for XMPP in Dutch healthcare
  • Talks on XMPP at FOSDEM and other conferences, participation in sprints etc...
  • Some brainfarting contributions on security and (end-to-end)encryption
  • Some strong opinions on legal issues: because I am not lawyer but do I know a bit about legal stuff, I can shout without liability problems
  • Where possible contributions on publicity / SCAM
  • My careful consideration when asked for any job in the XSF: I must be able to fit it in my complex chaotic schedule, but I am prepared to take on anything...