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XMPP Verification Suite


To create a tool that will allow anyone to verify that their XMPP implementation is compliant with all relevant protocol specifications.


The tool will be written as a self-contained software package that can be run locally or as an online service at Ideally it will have a modular architecture that will make it straightforward to add new test cases over time.


The tool will be created in a developer-friendly programming language that has good library support for XMPP, such as Python or Lua.

The language for test cases is yet to be determined.


The first phase will focus on the basics of server-to-server communication as defined in RFC 6120 (streams, TLS) and XEP-0220 / RFC 3920 (server dialback).

The second phase will add the basics of client-to-server communication (SASL authentication, resource binding) as defined in RFC 6120.

The third phase will add the basics of instant messaging and presence (rosters, presence subscriptions) as defined in RFC 6121.

Later phases will add service discovery, entity capabilities, and other XMPP extensions.


The team will aim to finish at least the first phase in time for the XMPP Summit to be held in Brussels in February 2012. It would be great to finish (or make significant progress on) the second phase by then, as well, so that the hackfest could focus on coordinated interop testing and tool development.


The following people have volunteered to help with the project:

  • Mike "bear" Taylor
  • Peter Saint-Andre
  • Florian Jensen


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