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I'm migrating my server, so this page may not work
I'm migrating my server, so this page may not work
http://www.sielay.com << server down at the moment

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  • First name: Łukasz
  • Secound name : Marek
  • Surname: Sielski
  • Official nick name : Sielay
  • Birth: 10-April-1984
  • Country: Poland
  • Region: zachodniopomorskie
  • City: Szczecin

Life in general

  • studying economics at University of Szczecin
  • currently working for Gloport in Szczecin
  • currently working as independent business applications developer


  • Diploma of Economics technican: Economics and Companies organisation
  • Studied 4 semesters 'Master of Economics'
  • Experienced PHP 4/5 Developer
  • Experienced Delphi Programmer
  • Experienced HTML4,xHTML,WML,Flash editor


  • I play guitar for ... 7 years
  • I cook
  • I code much in free time
  • I'm the worst driver in all the hood

Some portfolio

  • Oddech Magazine http://www.oddech.art.pl (my not work, server is migrating) << server down at the moment
  • My first job in my work http://www.gloport.com
  • Some other http://www.gloport-voip.com
  • My first page, and project I've managed http://zse2.szczecin.pl/forwards/
  • Some flash example http://www.sielay.com/Insult.html (my not work, server is migratiogn) << server down at the moment
  • Few portals engines - main engine is still developed under EasyBloX name, it's opensource (source available by mail at the moment). We're trying to use it at Jabber Software Map with Uls
  • Partners catalogues - huge databases with administrate panels and filtered views, printouts and so on. Not available to show - it's closed content of some portals (screens avaiable at my homepage)

Some Jabber Portfolio

  • Jabber Client in Delphi - current version isn't full supporting RFCs... but in the development is new version (details below)
  • Jabber Client in Flash - very simple, used to build support centers, one-to-one chats by random (or dedicated to current user) resource in jid

Projects in progress

  • TJabber lib for Delphi - with thread socked, full support of RFC 3920, RFC 3921 and basic jeps
  • TIAX - Delphi interface for IAXClient Lib by Steve Kann
  • IM Client that use both of this libs
  • EasyBlox - powerfull and very easy in use portal engine in PHP
  • EasyBloxApp - php5 mutation of EasyBloX for building intranet business apps

Future jobs

  • JabberDBProvider Tools - agent that gives access to any serverside database (mysql, pgsql, db for the begining) and components (compatible with Borland TDataSet) that connects with it with TJabber component


I'm migrating my server, so this page may not work http://www.sielay.com << server down at the moment