Trevor Krahn Application 2023

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  • Name: Trevor Krahn
  • Nick: Root
  • JID/Email/Fediverse: root (at) nicolosus (dot) chat
  • Founding member at MBOA Technology Co-Operative Inc
  • Some Code:


About Me

I am a long time privacy and security advocate, and will take any opportunity to teach others how they can better secure themselves online, and avoid common privacy pitfalls. This journey led me back into XMPP and I have implemented my own server to use as my main and preferred communications method, as well as using bridge at to communicate with those still on the PSTN. Being part of this community, starting about 3 years ago, later lead to my employment at JMP/MBOA and further being involved in the XMPP community. Throughout my life I have mostly just dabbled in programming, just enough to get done what I needed to do, but have over the last 1.5 years, while working for MBOA, I have been slowly working on improving that and have been working mostly in Ruby and some Android Java.

Most recently I co-managed the XMPP booth at the FOSSY 2023 conference in Portland Oregon, and also gave a talk on setting up a Snikket Instance, and how to use it securely.