Tobias Markmann Application 2008

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I, Tobias Markmann, just graduated with Abitur and 2 year XSF member, am reapplying for XSF membership.


Website: JID:

Projects / Coding

I code for about 10 years, about 5 years in C/C++. Have done some GUI work with FLTK mainly. Currently more network oriented projects.


Contributing some own patches and applying patches into the trunk.


I did a lot testing for gloox and wrote encryption support via Schannel API for it.

Google Summer of Code 2007

During Summer of Code 2007 I wrote the Data Form Designer Suite for XMPP. You can easily design x-data forms via GUI and load them into a form providing too. Users with ad-hoc supporting clients can then fill out these forms.

Google Summer of Code 2008

Currently working on libpurple and improving support of Entity Capabilities and BOSH mainly.

XSF related

Currently two projects: 1. Distributed monitoring of the XMPP network. 2. xep2pdf script which result in nice output. Neither finished yet but both active. If there are any open questions feel free to contact me.