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Links to important documents relating to Internet of Things and XMPP:

  • Main: Main page.
  • XEPs Explained: Description of xeps and their interaction. If you are new to XMPP & Internet of Things, you should read this.
  • IoT Examples: Mashup some examples from different industries, help finding new ones.
  • IoT Support: Here we describe who support this and related work that can help you.
  • IoT Interoperability: How we will keep everything truly interoperable.
  • IoT Security: This is one of the strongest benefit of using XMPP.
  • IoT XMPP Process: How is the process of the xep's and interoperability interfaces managed.
  • IoT Constrained Devices: Going in to the world of restricted devices we need special care.
  • IoT Local Environment: When dealing with home automation or a local network we need serverless or a local server configuration.
  • IoT Http over XMPP: This extension extends the web to include devices in XMPP networks.


These companies and organisations has expressed a support for the IoT_systems work with extensions to XMPP as an interoperable communication standard

Please help in updating and show interest in this effort


Intelligent energy usage

The project runs on ejabberd XMPP server

Python: based on the sleekXMPP the project initially implements XEP 323,325 available at Github SleekXMPP

Java: based on the SMACK the project initially implements XEP 323,325 will be released

supporting companies

These are all supporting the XMPP extensions and their usage to create an interoperable world of sensors

Clayster inc Sweden, Chile

Weevio AMR, Sweden

Weevio is the first service provider which offers of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) in the Internet of Things. Weevio has long experience of openness and accessibility through web services to enable integration between different systems. Weevio uses XMPP infrastructure via a standardized framework to gather and assure the quality of data to relevant information independent manufacturer of meters and systems.

Sustainable Innovation, Sweden

the project Intelligent energy use is a full interoperable system based on the XEP's where we strive to create business opportunities in an world of open data between companies. In a domestic example you can use any sensor or any device in your home to enhance for example energyefficiency services

KTC tech Sweden


Coversant has been a sponsor on XMPP and open source for a long time their product soapBox is versatile and a good professional XMPP server that can support massive loads of IoT devices and interconnected chatty things se also

Maximum Control Technonolgies

William Miller is a devoted standard guru and is working in IEEE ISO NIST and other organisations to create uniform and good standards he is devoted to the possibilties with usin XMPP as core technology in several standards.

Lindborg Systems AB

Joachim Lindborg is developer and systemarchitect heavily involved in the IoT evolution and the use of this to create energyefficiency

supporting organisations

Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile

Universidad Andrés Bello, Chile