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See my [http://halr9000.com/ideas/xmpp-and-cms/ XMPP and CMS] post on the topic.
See my [http://halr9000.com/ideas/xmpp-and-cms/ XMPP and CMS] post on the topic.
=== ejabberd features ===
=== ejabberd features ===

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Here are some project ideas for the Summer of Code 2006 ...

Distributed monitoring of the Jabber network

(proposed by Lucas Nussbaum - xmpp:lucas@nussbaum.fr)

The Jabber network isn't really known for its reliability, and administrators don't always have the necessary tools to monitor their server correctly. The data provided by http://public.jabbernet.dk/mrtg/ is not enough. The goal of this project is to build a testing framework to be able to monitor the public servers and answer those questions :

  • do client connections using SASL, TLS or SSL currently work on server S1 ?
  • do server-to-server works between server S1 and S2 (by exchanging ping messages) ?

This would allow to build a more detailed status of the Jabber network. Additionally, it would be nice to be able to add a contact email, so the administrator can get informed of his server's problems.

(addendum by user:Stpeter)

Integrating this into the XMPP Federation database and website would be super.

Jabber authentication to CMS and blogs

(proposed by user:Halr9000)

See my XMPP and CMS post on the topic.

ejabberd features

(proposed by user:Stpeter)

It would be great if the ejabberd server (written in Erlang) supported the HTTP Binding and also the latest version of Publish-Subscribe -- any others?