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Elbe-Sprint Hamburg 2023

Welcome to the Elbe-Spint for XMPP Developments in Hamburg!
We will have several days of good and fruitful exchange and projects. Many thank to the Chaos Computer Club Hansestadt Hamburg (CCCHH) for offering their space to us! <3
Looking forward to meet you,
Blogpost at xmpp.org

Dates and Times

Thursday, 22-06-2023 18:00 CEST — Sunday, 25-06-2023 12:00 CEST

To be updated

Thu, 22nd Fr, 23rd Sa, 24th So, 25th
10:00 Check-in
11:00 Work
13:00 Lunch Break Closing Ceremony
14:00 Work Lighting Talks
15:00 Work
18:00 Kick-off and Dinner (at Restaurant) Dinner Social Activity & Dinner
21:00 Night Hack (?)


Join us in the chatroom: xmpp:sprints@joinjabber.org?join which is also accessible via https://chat.joinjabber.org/#/guest?join=sprints .

You are also welcome to chat about the sprint (in German) in our XMPP Meetup Hamburg MUC xmpp:xmpp-hh@conference.jabber.de?join .

Organizer: User:Echolon

Please contact me if there are issues or you don't have access to this Wiki.


CCC Hansestadt Hamburg e.V.
Zeiseweg 9
Viktoria-Kaserne, mittlerer Osten, 1. OG, Raum 2
22765 Hamburg
Audio/video platforms: TBA
Mumble server: TBA

CCCHH House Order

We are all guests at the venue location. Please read the House Order of the CCCHH and behave yourself at the venue. Many thanks!

Please confirm this in the attendence list below.

Travel & Accomodation


Effectively none - but I you have difficulties to afford and give reasonable input why it would we good that you attend, then you can try to reach out to the XSF Board and request compensation.


Adress & Location

Fernbahnhof Altona or Hamburg Hbf
Parking garages
Hamburg Airport

Public transport: Hamburg has very good public transport. It is highly recommended to consider to us it! Its available 24/7 during the Elbe Sprint (besides Thursday).

HVV Public Transport
The closest stations are: S Holstenstraße or S Altona

Hotel & Hostel


Many thanks to Nadja for her help! <3

Food & Beverages

  • Beverages: The CCCHH offers a selections of softdrinks & beers on donation basis. Edward will try to get drinks funded out of our budget.
  • Food: TBA - Edward will try to provide fruits during the day funded out of our budget.

Social Activity outside

If you are interested to join an organised social activity at Saturday please specifiy in the table below. Such event should strengthen our Community and also give you some time to relax during the Elbe-Sprint.


  • Cruise through the Hamburg Harbour (Paid, normal tourist thing :-))
  • Alternative cruise through the Hamburg Harbour (Paid, maybe not feasibke with low number of people)
  • Walking tour (likely paid)
  • Walking tour by Edward (unpaid)
  • Visit of https://www.retrospieleclub.de/ (Paid)
  • More to come


Please contact User:Echolon if there are issues or you don't have access to this Wiki and want to add your information.
Name (optional) Nickname Sprint project(s) Th pm Fr am Fr pm Sa am Sa pm Su am I read the House Order Interest of Dinner Interest in social activity outside My travel My accommodation comments
Edward Maurer emus Organiser & Support, XMPP Providers - (local) - (local)
Melvin Keskin melvo XMPP Providers
Daniel Brötzmann wurstsalat / cal0pteryx XMPP Providers / Gajim ✓? ✓? Train from Bremen
Marvin W. larma tbd. Some ICE from Berlin
yvo eevvoor ANIS local my flat Founder of the XMPP Meetup Hamburg
Paul Schaub vanitasvitae tbd. PGPainless? Train from Münster booked
Daniel Gultsch iNPUTmice Conversations 3.0 booked. leaving relatively late on Sunday booked
Name (keep this row) Nick Project ✓? ✓? - - Train Hotel

Lightning Talks

TBD At the date and time specified in the table above, we will have lightning talks. Short talks, maybe 5 minutes, one after the other, without pause. If you like to give a short talk, please enter your name and the talks title here:

Name or nickname Title of the talk Time
Eddie XMPP Introduction Talk Saturday 14:00 Uhr
eevvoor ANIS Update Friday

Online Resources (To be updated soon)


Name URI Comment
Group Chat
XMPP Sprint Group Chat xmpp:sprints@joinjabber.org?join WebView: https://chat.joinjabber.org/#/guest?join=sprints General XMPP Sprint Chat
XMPP Developer Group Chat xmpp:jdev@muc.xmpp.org?join WebView: https://xmpp.org/chat?jdev General Developer Chat
Elbe Sprint Hamburg 2023 (A/V Videocall) https://teamjoin.de/Elbe-Sprint-Hamburg-2023
Elbe 1 (A/V Videocall) https://teamjoin.de/Elbe-Sprint-Hamburg-2023-Elbe1
Elbe 2 (A/V Videocall) https://teamjoin.de/Elbe-Sprint-Hamburg-2023-Elbe2
Elbe 3 (A/V Videocall) https://teamjoin.de/Elbe-Sprint-Hamburg-2023-Elbe3
Elbe-Sprint Hamburg 2023 Pad To be setup by CommTeam soon
Sprint Mumble TBA TBA

Feedback from Closing Session at the Sprint

  • Continue:
    • Do more Sprints and advertise it t the community
    • Weather
    • Time range was good (Thu - So)
    • Location was nice!
      • Many thanks to the CCCHH for offering their space and the opportunity
    • Seeing the City and Restaurants was nice and spending this time
  • Stop:
  • Different:
    • Ask for keys earlier
    • Maybe consider review of client-arching and discuss cross-implementation
      • But we discussed message moderation! :-)
    • Review outside holiday season
  • Act:
    • Blog post on the Sprint
    • If Hamburg, then here again :-)