Sprints/2018 August Cambridge

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I am dumping here the content of the collaborative pad we've been using before and during the sprint, for future reference.

See Sprints for more events of this type.


  • Get people together to work on XMPP software
  • Create excitement around XMPP development
  • Make XMPP great again!

You do not need to be an XSF member to participate. Feel free to contact us if you are interested!


sprints@joinjabber.org (web)


Maxime Buquet, pep@bouah.net (JID/email)


August 18-19 (Sat-Sun)

(Expired poll: https://framadate.org/y4KafuBfzp2UfQbj)

We are planning to use the two full days for the spring, (saturday and sunday). We are also gathering at the pub on friday night and you are welcome to join.

Access to Cambridge

Closest airport is London Stansted (STN). You can take a train from Stansted to Cambridge Station for around 10GBP. Taxis are also available and cost about 50GBP to Cambridge Station, which is usually a fixed cost. There may be extra fees when paying by card.

Luton Airport (LTN) is a bit further but the next best option.

Access to the venue

The Collabora office is at:

Collabora Ltd. Platinum building, Cowley road CB4 0DS, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire



There are two train stations. Cambridge Station is in the city centre. The Cambridge North station is a bit further north and closest to the office (about a 15 min walk).

https://traintimes.org.uk/ for.. train times.


There are buses from the city centre to the office and vice-versa. The last bus from the office is around 20:30.


Taxis (e.g., panthertaxis) from Cambridge Station to the office are about 10GBP. This should get cheaper if used by multiple people.


It's also possible to rent bicycles in different bike shops. "Rutland", next to Cambridge Station, offers bike hire for about 25GBP for 3-4 days. https://www.rutlandcycling.com/pages/cycle-hire-cambridge/

If you don't mind selling your soul to a chinese company, there is also https://www.ofo.com/uk/en which is considerably cheaper.


As discussed in the room, people are apparently going for the Travelodge in Orchard Park.

Stuff to work on (brainstorm)

Please come talk on the channel and propose ideas!

  • Feature-parity between clients (maybe try to be more specific, pick one for the sprint) (pep.)
    • XEP-0392: Consistent Color Generation in Converse (jcbrand)
    • XEP-0393: Message Styling in Converse (jcbrand)
  • Rapid prototype something c2s since we have developers of at least two clients + one server developer. Random ideas:
    • Bookmarks in PEP + conversion for old bookmark + write XEP for that conversion (Daniel, JC)
    • Bind 2 (Daniel)
    • MIX :-) :-/ (Daniel)
  • Easy on-boarding (pep.)
    • easy-xmpp-invite; the javascript variant of the conversations.im/i/ invite page https://github.com/ge0rg/easy-xmpp-invitation (Daniel, jcbrand)
    • implement 0077 in a few clients, e.g., poezio, dino. Also add full form support where possible (pep.)
  • Introduction to development on Converse.js
    • It has been on my (Daniel) todo list for a long time to get an understanding of converse.js and help jc to fix small things or add small new features.
    • I'd be happy to have a walkthrough of the code with anyone who's interested. I know Link Mauve has also expressed interest. (JC)
  • Add more tests and improve already existing tests for the Compliance Tester. By the time of the sprint GSoC is over and the Compliance Tester has been turned into a nice web service. We could improve some of the tests or add new once. (Daniel)
  • A loading screen for converse.js
  • Bring more XMPP software to main Gentoo package repository (Andrey Utkin)


Quick result of what is going to be worked on, and how many people are doing what.

  • (3.5) Bookmarks in PEP (with sync)
  • (2.5) Message attaching
  • (2) IBR in clients that don't support it
  • (2) Reactions
  • (1) Consistent colour
  • (1) Hats
  • (0) HTTP proxy on server


Day 1

> hug cat

|>>user: /me hugs the cat

|>>The cat: /me likes user

Day 2