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XMPP Roundup: software

Welcome to the 15th Roundup of the XMPP community, part dedicated to new and updated software.

This is brought to you by Neustradamus, with the help of Nyco.


TextOne v2.0

Sharing music with Speeqe

Spark 2.6.0 RC1

Jabiru 1.999 new generation

Michal "zet" Zbortek has released a "new generation" of the Jabiru XMPP client for Android.

OneTeam Desktop beta1 is open source

ProcessOne has released OneTeam Desktop beta1.

Jappix 0.3 "Prism"

Valrian Saliou has announced Jappix 0.3, codenamed "Prism".


  • Prosody 0.7.0

Matthew Wild / Waqas Hussain have released a new version. It includes a large number of improvements.

  • ejabberd 2.1.5 and 2.1.6

ProcessOne has released new versions 2.1.5 and 2.1.6 of ejabberd.

  • ejabberd 3.0.0 alpha 1

ProcessOne has released a new version.

  • Spectrum 1.4.4

Jan Kaluža has released a new version.

  • Openfire 3.7.0 beta

Guus der Kinderen has released a new version.

  • Apache Vysper 0.6

The Apache MINA project has released a new version.


  • FireTrail

FireTrail is an HTTP REST to XMPP PubSub gateway for server-side JavaScript created by Stephan Maka.

  • xmppjs

xmppjs is a fork of xmpp.js (a library for node.js that allows you to connect to an XMPP server as a component created by Matthew Wild).

  • node-xmpp

node-xmpp is an idiomatic XMPP library for node.js created by Stephan Maka.

  • txmpp

txmpp is C++ library, derived from libjingle, coded under New BSD license.

  • sparqlxmpp

sparqlxmpp is a Python library for SPARQL XML queries over XMPP.

  • Jaxl 2.1.1

Jaxl is a XMPP Client Library in PHP] created by Abhinav Singh.

  • exmpp 0.9.5

ProcessOne has released a new version.

  • HXMPP 0.4.5 (Jabber/XMPP haXe library)

Disktree has been released a new version.

  • XMPP Client for node (High level xmpp client for node.js)

  • strophejs-plugins

  • libjingle is now compliant with XEP-166 and XEP-167


  • H-box: interconnected home networks

  • foafnet (SPARQL/RDF/XMPP goodness)

  • jabberjaw (a Trac plugin for broadcasting changesets and ticket modifications to an XMPP server of your choice)

  • PsBrowser 0.1.1 (a PubSub browser)

  • PSGS 0.2 (A PubSub server written in JavaScript)

  • RadioAunty 2.1.1

Duncan Robertson has been released a new version of RadioAunty.

  • TwiMeido - a Twitter client for XMPP clients

Rainux Luo has created TwiMeido.

  • mobilis - A Service Platform for Collaborative Social Applications

  • pyjabberbot 0.6

  • talkmyphone 2.06

  • diaspora-x

  • Saros