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XMPP Roundup: software

Welcome to the 15th Roundup of the XMPP community, part dedicated to new and updated software.

This is brought to you by Neustradamus, with the help of ??.


  • Coccinella 0.96.18

Sander Devrieze has released a new version of Coccinella, a free and open-source cross-platform communication tool with a built-in whiteboard for improved collaboration with other people.

  • Pidgin 2.7.1

Pidgin Team has released a new version of Pidgin.

  • Vacuum-IM 1.0.2

Vacuum-IM Team has released a new version of Vacuum-IM.

  • Aqua 0.5 beta 2

Aqua Team has released a new version of Aqua.

  • Pandion 2.6.106

Sebastiaan Deckers has announced the release of Pandion 2.6.106, with many improvements....

  • Jabbim 0.5.1

Jabbim Dev Team has released a new version of Jabbim.

  • Gajim 0.13.4

Yann Le Boulanger has released a new version of Gajim.

  • Swift 1.0 beta 4

Kevin Smith / Remko Tronçon have released the third beta version of your new client Swift.

  • poezio 0.6.1

Florent Le Coz has released a new version of poezio.

  • FaceTime

Apple's new software for wifi video calls between two iPhone4, uses XMPP for authentication: [1] [2] [3]


  • Prosody 0.7.0

Matthew Wild / Waqas Hussain have released the new version. It includes a large number of improvements.


  • FireTrail

FireTrail is an HTTP REST to XMPP PubSub gateway for server-side JavaScript created by Stephan Maka.

  • txmpp

txmpp is C++ library, derived from libjingle, coded under New BSD license.

  • sparqlxmpp

[4] is a Python library for SPARQL XML queries over XMPP.