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XMPP Roundup: software

Welcome to the 14th Roundup of the XMPP community, part dedicated to new and updated software.

This is brought to you by Nicolas, ...



Windows Mobile client for XMPP and ICQ

ClearText ESM (XIMPP)

David Banes from ClearText, will release the client ClearText ESM (XIMPP), an XMPP chat and microblogging client.

open-chats-xmpp 0.2 for Pidgin

Mat?j Cepl has written open-chats-xmpp, a simple Perl scripts that opens auto-join bookmarks in Pidgin, using PubSub for bookmarks storage.


Poezio is an IRC-style XMPP/Jabber client: it lets you connect anonymously and join MUC, but has not one-to-one chat built in.


Jabbin, the fomer Psi fork, and only client implementing TINS, has resurected and is available in beta.


Oyo is a web chat client relyong on the Smack library.

Pandion 2.6.90

Sebastiaan Deckers has announced the release of Pandion 2.6.90, with much improvements, including a reworked UI and architecture, as well as a swicth to the GPLv3 license.


Beem for Android


OneTeam (ProcessOne XMPP client released in 2006 but not open) is now in private alpha.


Jingle Nodes for ejabberd

Johann Prieur has contributed a Jingle Nodes modules for ejabberd: mod_jinglenodes.

WebSockets for Prosody

Ali Sabil has contributed a WebSocket module for Prosody: mod_websocket.

xmpp.js: Server-side XMPP in Javascript

Mathew Wild has released, as announced at FOSDEM, his xmpp.js library.

Prosody 0.7.0 RC1

Tigase XMPP server 5.0.0 beta



StropheCappuccino is a JavaScript library binding for the Cappuccino framework, that enables realt-ime web apps.


A PHP library


Ahoy is a Ruby library for serverles messaging

Those that don't fit the above categories (but that rock though)

twitter-xmpp bot

Uriah Welcome

PAD-XMPP: People Are Ducks

Tim Bielawa

karaka: XMPP to Skype gateway

Neil.Stratford, using Skype API, in Python, GPLv2

Archipel: an XMPP-based orchestrator for virtualization

Archipel, an AGPL software developed by Antoine Mercadal, is an XMPP-based orchestrator for virtualization.

Spectrum: a XMPP transport/gateway

Spectrum, a GNU GPL software developed by Jan Kaluža, is a XMPP transport/gateway which supported several networks: AIM, Facebook, Gadu-Gadu, ICQ, IRC, MSN, SIMPLE, Twitter and XMPP. The first stable version has been released.

Real-time shared HTML edition in Kompozer

According to Fabien Cazenave, who has given a lightning talk at FOSDEM, Kompozer, the Gecko-based HTML editor will gain real-time shared edition features based on XMPP.

Pocho the bot

Mauro Pompilio has released Pocho, a Ruby bot for chatrooms.

Bonita gets an XMPP connector

Bonita is a BPM software

Karaka: XMPP to Skype transport


Grégoire Ménuel


OSAMI Service Orchestration - XMPP Bundle

There finishes this Roundup. You are encouraged to talk about it everywhere, and contribute to it.