Office Hours Checklist

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When a new talk is added

  • Update the wiki page "Next Talk" section if applicable
  • Update the XSF calendar

Day Before

  • Remind in communications room to update Twitter and Mastodon
  • Make a post from your personal or the Mellium account or repost the above
  • Make a post on r/xmpp
  • Send an email to standards@ and members@
  • Post in the standards room and jdev

Day Of

  • Ask the speaker to share slides as a PDF if they have any and have not done so
  • Ask the speaker to join a bit early to test audio, screen share, etc.
  • Update the cover slide with next weeks talk and any announcements
  • Start the chat 30 minutes before hand and upload the cover slide
  • Remind the author to repeat questions that are asked in the chat and not by voice
  • Start/end recording if the author is okay with it and ask if we can use CC-BY for the license
  • Give any announcements, mention next weeks talk, call for new talks, and then introduce the author and turn it over to them.
  • Don't forget to stop recording after questions!


  • Update the wiki page "Next Talk" and "Previous Talks" section
  • Wait for video processing to finish then upload it to YouTube, adding it to the Office Hours playlist and setting the license