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About Me

Italian Lawyer, entitled to represent clients before the Italian High Courts, Civil Law Specialist, Data Protection, Privacy, and Cybersecurity Advisor.
Adjunct Professor at the University of Ostrava (office of Rome).
Technical Expert/Inspector at Accredia (The Italian Accreditation Body) Certification and Inspection Department.
Author of articles, essays, books, and papers.
Former President of the Data Protection Authority of San Marino.
Former national expert for the Republic of San Marino on the following:

  • Consultative Committee of the Council of Europe of the Convention for the Protection of Individuals about Automatic Processing of Personal Data (Convention No. 108);
  • Ad hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAHAI) of the Council of Europe.


  • DPO and Privacy Assessor UNI 11697
  • Security Manager (ICT) UNI 11506:2017
  • Information Security Management System professional - ISO 27021:2017

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I am the founder and partner of the Law Firm Studio Legale Fabiano.


  • IEEE
  • International Neural Network Society (INNS)
  • The awarded "IEEE SA P7007 Ontological Standard for Ethically Driven Robotics and Automation Systems Working Group" and Chair of the "Data Privacy and Protection" subgroup;
  • Working Group of the Fondazione Italiana per l'Innovazione Forense (Italian Foundation for the Forensic Innovation) of the Italian National Bar (Consiglio Nazionale Forense - CNF).

My XMPP projects and activities

I have known XMPP for several years, but I decided to concretize my effort some years ago by setting up my XMPP Server, installing Snikket, and then volunteering for the Italian translation of the monthly XMPP Newsletter.
Although I am passionate about computer science and have gained a good technical background to make the sysadmin of my servers, my mining is legal, and I deal with the relationship between technical solutions and the law in terms of compliance.
My work is mostly in data protection and privacy.
In my activities, I always pay special attention to XMPP because I believe it is one of the most powerful protocols for communication and much more.


I firmly believe that everyone should have control over their personal data, leading me to consider any resource carefully. I prefer open-source software when it's possible.
Recently I was voted as a XSF Board Member.
I think there isn't a magic recipe to find the solution. Trust is central; people's personal data can be protected only when a provider operates transparently. Thus, transparency is one of the key aspects of XMPP, especially concerning data protection and privacy.
My contribution might be contributing to the issues related to data protection, privacy and cybersecurity in terms of compliance with the law, deepening the cases, spreading them, and other helpful activities.