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My name is Mickaël Rémond (mremond or mikl) and I'm applying for the first time for JSF membership.


I have been active in the Open Source community since 1993, mainly in French Linux non-profit organisations. In december 1998, the Erlang/OTP language and environment has been released under an Open Source licence and I have been active in this community since then (Erlang User of the Year 2004 and author of the French Erlang book published by Eyrolles).

My interest for Jabber gets back to 2000, when I was working at a company called IDEALX. I introduced Erlang as one of the main development language in this company. The company won a big project for large scale deploiement of Jabber Instant Messaging for the French Internet Service Provider LibertySurf. The architecture was build around Jabberd with a lot of Erlang code for clustering, scalability and high-availability (See: The migration from Erlang to OTP: A case study of a heavy duty TCP/IP Client Server application for the summary of the architecture, from an Erlang point of view). At this time, I was in charge of the development of an XML-based EAI (Enterprise Applications Integration system) called Buster.

Several years later (sometimes in 2003), I got involved in the ejabberd project, a robust, clustered, scalable and full-featured XMPP server implementation in Erlang (See: Process-one ejabberd page and ejabberd community). This project was interesting because it was showing the advantage of Erlang to develop robust applications and was providing a strong Open Source Jabber server implementation.

In 2004, I have decided to start a new EAI project (Enterprise Application Integration) based on XML standards. The new project is called J-EAI and is based on the XMPP protocol. The underlying server implementation is of course ejabberd. The project has been recently used in an Integration platform prototype for the French Administration.


I have not yet been involved in protocol specifications, probably because I do not know yet from where to start.

However, I am really heavily interested in:

And probably a couple of others related protocols. I have many idea of interesting feature that I would like to see implemented in J-EAI and this will probably leads me to contribute to the JEP process.


I have been contributors on many Open Source projects, but regarding my Jabber contributions, I am contributing code to ejabberd, J-EAI and Jabberlang.


During the past year, I have been promoting XMPP as a general messaging protocol that should be more largely used outside the world of Instant Messaging. I have thus given several talks on this topic.

You can see a list of all my talks on my blog (3pblog: Biographie: Sorry, parts of this page is in French only).


I would like to keep on working on extending the use of XMPP for general applications messaging and not only user to user instant messaging. J-EAI is a nice testbed used to explore such idea and helps convince people that this standard-based approach is realistic. Another important thing to note is that J-EAI also acts as a testbed to explore new XMPP/Jabber related ideas, that can prove equally usefull for instant messaging and thus can be reintegrated in ejabberd Instant Messaging implementation.