Mick Thompson Application 2010

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About me

Mick Thompson, 23, from New Mexico, USA

Employed by Collecta.com

known most commonly as dthompson


I've helped a few different projects explore using XMPP, including linkedprocess.com

Why I am applying

Help expand the use and uptake of XMPP as well as contribute to XEPs. I would be willing to serve on any team that needs help at the XSF, but my preference would be communications.

Past Projects

I began exploring the use of XMPP while building a simple realtime notification delivery platform with a friend. (Flarify.com) The project was never completed but it did get me immersed in the use and implementation of several key XMPP extensions (including pubsub, pep, and bosh)

I have administered XMPP servers for a couple of years, and continue to do so for myself and others.

My interests mostly pertain to the use of XMPP where in intersects with the web. Using it to transport data for dynamic pages. Bosh, strophe, pubsub are technologies and projects I currently have an active interest in.