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Andrzej Wójcik from Tigase, Inc talked about the Tigase as a company, Tigase XMPP Server, XMPP clients, and other projects done by Tigase with use of XMPP with a few use cases.

From the Q&A a few discussions developed.

There is no written protocol, but the entire meetup was recorded. That recording is available here (License: CC0/Public Domain). The slides can be downloaded here ((c) Andrzej Wójcik).

If you own a ftp-server for long term storage, please mirror the files and add a link here.

Use these timestamps to navigate the recording:

Timestamp Topic
00:00:00 Introduction
00:04:25 Question: Do you use video chat?
00:06:19 Tigase Products
00:08:28 Tigase XMPP Server
00:16:50 Tigase Server FAQ
00:20:23 Tigase Products Usage
00:24:14 Tigase XMPP Clients
00:24:23 StorkIM
00:25:32 SiskinIM
00:26:17 BeagleIM
00:27:57 Other Tigase Products
00:30:37 Tigase Services
00:37:56 Questions
00:38:07 Question: Is the Android client still available?
00:39:10 Question: iOS Client (Is it new? It has been getting attention lately)
00:41:10 Discussion: (Follow up) Naming XMPP Software
00:43:28 Discussion: target audience/goal of tigase
00:47:11 Discussion: iOS Client
00:47:58 Discussion: Push Notifications, MUCs
01:11:10 Discussion: iOS and Stream Management
01:15:46 Discussion: offline messages, mam, deduplication
01:21:12 Discussion: mam filling up, delivery receipts
01:25:10 Discussion: XMPP and IoT