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=== Call for Quorum ===
=== Call for Quorum ===
The following 32 XSF members voted via proxy or email:
The following 34 XSF members voted via proxy or email:
* andrzej.wojcik (at) tigase.org
* andrzej.wojcik (at) tigase.org
* arc (at) concordance.io
* arc (at) concordance.io

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Call for Quorum

The following 34 XSF members voted via proxy or email:

  • andrzej.wojcik (at) tigase.org
  • arc (at) concordance.io
  • bmalkow (at) malkowscy.net
  • com8 (at) xmpp.uwpx.org
  • daniel (at) gultsch.de
  • dwd (at) dave.cridland.net
  • eevvoor (at) jabber.fr
  • emus (at) jabbers.one
  • flo (at) geekplace.eu
  • georg (at) yax.im
  • gnauck (at) conversations.im
  • guus.der.kinderen (at) igniterealtime.org
  • holger (at) jabber.fu-berlin.de
  • intosi (at) ik.nu
  • jabber (at) larma.de
  • jonas (at) wielicki.name
  • kevin.smith (at) isode.com
  • kobit (at) tigase.org
  • lance (at) lance.im
  • lbocquet (at) jabber.org
  • martin (at) mdosch.de
  • mathieui (at) mathieui.net
  • natalie (at) jabber.fr
  • me (at) matthewwild.co.uk
  • mremond (at) process-one.net
  • peter (at) waher.se
  • ralphm (at) ik.nu
  • sam (at) samwhited.com
  • soul (at) blastersklan.com
  • stpeter (at) jabber.org
  • travis (at) burtrum.org
  • winfried (at) tilanus.com
  • wojtek (at) tigase.org
  • zash (at) zash.se

The XSF has 52 members as of this date. Therefore quorum is achieved in accordance with Section 3.8 of the XSF Bylaws.

Items Subject to a Vote

New and Returning members. Vote yes or no for the Q1 2021 applicants.

Opportunity for XSF Members to Vote in the Meeting

  • TODO

Announcement of Voting Results

Applicants Yes No
Heiner Wolf
Reappliers Yes No
Ludovic Bocquet
Jan-Carel Brand
Dave Cridland
Alexander Gnauck
Daniel Gultsch
Tim Henkes
Edward Maurer
Mathieu Pasquet
Daniel Pocock
Jérôme Poisson
Jonas Schäfer
Florian Schmaus
Winfried Tilanus
Matthew Wild

Any Other Business?

  • TODO

Formal Adjournment