Martin Hewitt Application 2017

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I’m currently employed by Surevine, working on XMPP-based federated collaboration projects, primarily in the cyber-security market.

XMPP-related work

We use XMPP at the core of our software platform, which I am the Product Manager of. We make heavy use of federation, PubSub, and the emerging MIX standard.

Surevine are involved in supporting the Openfire community, and we use as our in-browser client of choice. Previously we have also used Prosody, and xmpp-ftw.


To continue to support the XSF, and its Board, in communicating the values and affordances of XMPP-based distributed systems.

To help the development of further standards for the distributed, privacy-conscious internet of today, and advocate for open-standards-based platforms.

To continue to serve on the XSF Board, enabling the great teams of the XSF to go about their business.


Email (work):

Email (personal):


Company: Surevine