Mario Sabatino

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About Me

I am an Italian lawyer with 23 years of experience, qualified to represent clients in higher courts. I am the founder of IusTeam Rete di Avvocati, a network of Italian lawyers.

I am a member of the the Associazione Giuristi Democratici (GD) which is an active part of European Association of Lawyers for Democracy & World Human Rights ( and of International Association of Democratic Lawyers ( GD is focused on the defense of human rights, civil liberties, social rights, in the aim to change the world towards a progressive society.

I am actively involved, also as a lawyer, in civil and digital activism. I am a part of the legal team of MonitoraPA, a group of digital activists concerned about privacy of Italian and European citizens.

I am coofounder of XMPP-IT the Italian Community of XMPP users.



  • Member of Associazione Giuristi Democratici APS GD.
  • Coofounder of XMPP-IT the Italian Community of XMPP users XMPP-IT

My XMPP projects and activities

As a member of XMPP-IT I cooperate to create and administrate a MUC, a website, a Gitea instance and a Wiki, all about XMPP with the aim to spread the use of the protocol and its applications in Italy.

I partecipate to the Italian XMPP Happy Hour hosted by Nicola Fabiano every month and streamed live on Peer Tube. I've also created a podcast with the audio version of each XMPP Italian Happy Hour event.


I firmly believe that knowledge and awareness must go hand in hand, and are essential for preserving and protecting both collective and individual freedoms. The international community surrounding the XMPP protocol is highly active, open, and transparent. XMPP represents a powerful and decentralized tool for Internet communication, respecting user privacy and minimizing the impact on personal data management and processing. It offers a high level of user control, enabling individuals to manage their instances with ease, partly thanks to the Snikket project. I am eager to actively participate in this project, contributing in the communication field and as a digital activist lawyer, particularly in the area of privacy.