Jakob Schröter Application 2008

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I'm Jakob Schröter and I'm re-applying for XSF membership.

Note: This is basically a slightly updated copy of my 2007 application, as most of the info is still correct.

About me

I graduated from London South Bank University in 2005 (BEng Hons) and University of Applied Sciences, Bremen, Germany in 2007 (Diploma). I'm currently residing in Bremen, making a living as a self-employed software developer.

As a non-computer/XMPP-related activity, I play Lacrosse.

Jabber/XMPP-related activities


I'm in the fortunate position to write code for/using XMPP on a daily basis in my projects. The one that is publicly visible is gloox, a C++ Jabber/XMPP library, which I'm the author and maintainer of. Most of my coding activities are related to this lib in one way or another.


I run a private Jabber server since 2003, and a public one since 2004.

So far, my contributions to the protocols were mostly nitpicking over typos, wrong/incomplete/misplaced examples, etc.

Why I'm re-applying

I'm fascinated by the ease-of-use and versatility of XMPP, and I intend to continue and extend my work with and for the protocol, in both the coding and non-coding areas. I believe that membership in the XSF can help me achieve this.

I'm interested in various XEPs and concepts, like end-to-end encryption/ESessions, Link-local Messaging and others, and I wish to contribute my experience in implementing them to the standards community.


If you have any questions about me or my application, feel free to contact me via Email or XMPP at js at camaya dot net.