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Michael Holdmann for

Contact Details

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Company: Coversant, Inc.

COO/EVP Coversant, Inc. Coversant Inc.'s XMPP based Internet of Things Service Bus (IoT-SB), connects disparate systems and devices, across platforms, in real-time, enabling the marriage of the “Internet of Things” and Big Data on the most scalable solution available.

Other organizations


? IEEE/ISO/IEC P21451-1-4

Standardizing XMPP as the protocol for sensors, actuators, controllers for IoT

UPnP IoT Task Force

The Internet of Things (IOT) Task Force operates under the Technical Committee and was formed to leverage existing UPnP specifications and the new UPnP Cloud Architecture to provide a complete and open standards-based, solution for developers creating applications for the Internet of Things.



Why I'm applying

? My specific focus within XSF is for XMPP-IoT. I strongly believe that XMPP is "The Protocol" for Gateway to Cloud connectivity of IoT. I am a member of WG's in International standards bodies and alliances in which we are standardizing and promoting the protocol for use. I am interested in leading the XSF IoT focus and establishing tighter bonds with the ISB's and commercial organizations that are currently involved with XMPP in either projects or deployments.