Ian Paterson for Council 2007

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I have been interested in Jabber since 1999 (thanks to Celso Martinho) and developing software for over twenty years (Jabber applications full-time since 2001). I became a member of the XSF Council in 2005.


I am the primary author of the following "Draft" and "Experimental" XEPs: XEP-0059, XEP-0116 "Encrypted Sessions", XEP-0155, XEP-0124 "Bidirectional-streams Over Synchronous HTTP", XEP-0136 "Message Archiving", XEP-0158, XEP-0159, XEP-0187, XEP-0188, XEP-0189, XEP-0200 "Stanza Encryption", XEP-0206 "XMPP Over BOSH", XEP-0210 "Requirements for Encrypted Sessions", XEP-0217 "Simplified Encrypted Session Negotiation" and XEP-0221 "Data Forms Media Element".

I contribute to the development of many other protocols as a member of the XSF Council and by posting to the Standards-JIG mailing list (and occasionally to other lists).

Current Software Development Activities

I also manage a public Jabber server.


  • Experience (current council member)
  • Broad knowledge of XEPs, broad experience implementing (more than 40) and authoring (15) XEPs
  • Constant attention and regular contribution to the Standards-JIG mailing list (the community that guides such successful protocol development)
  • I'm prepared to disagree nicely, to challenge... but to stay open minded, and then accept consensus
  • Motivated to keep up the real momentum from last few years
  • OCD ;)

Seventh Council Priorities and Ideas

Council members have very few extra powers to promote their priorities and ideas. The formal role of council members does not include deciding where protocol or software development efforts will be spent. The XSF rightly leaves that up to the authors. Most of the time the council simply guides protocol authors (like the Standards-JIG does, but with the added responsability for quality control).

In case you're interested, I would especially like to see authors/implementors (including myself) rapidly advancing:

  • e2e security
  • Jingle (for VoIP and video)
  • Multi-user real-time XML document editing (including sync and whiteboard protocols)
  • Private key availability via PIP (Aunt Tillie only)
  • PEP/POP/PIP service implementations (essential building blocks for many protocols)
  • Server-side message-archiving implementations

General Emphasis

  • Pragmatic real-world (an advocate for users and developers)
  • Keep it simple and generally reusable
  • Do everything we can to encourage code development
  • Defend constrained clients (without compromising desktop clients)
  • Look after Aunt Tillie
  • Efficiency
  • Privacy/Security

Why I'm Running

I believe our developer community is lucky to have such an easy-to-follow and quickly-evolving set of protocol documentation. Through membership of the council, and in other (more significant) ways, I believe I've successfully contributed to that. If the XSF members would like me to, I am keen to continue that work.


If you'd like to discuss this application or anything else about Jabber with me, feel free to contact me. (JID: ian(at)zoofy.com)