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Monal 'Media Gallery'

Google Summer of Code 2024 Project Idea

This page describes a Google Summer of Code project idea. Please refer to Google Summer of Code 2024 for an overview of the XMPP Standards Foundation's involvement with GSoC 2024.

The XMPP project that is the subject of this GSoC Project Idea is the Monal project. Monal is a modern iOS and MacOS XMPP chat client.

Project Size 90 hours
Difficulty Easy

Google Summer of Code project description

When tapping onto an image in the chat, a SwiftUI based image viewer appears, showing that image in full screen. Enhange that SwiftUI based media viewer to support videos. Allow to swipe through all received/sent media (images and videos). Show a SwiftUI based gallery of all received media when tapping a button in the contact details, leading to this image/video viewer when tapping onto a gallery item.

Deliverables / Expected Results

  • Support swiping through media
  • Support for common video formats
  • Media gallery

Relevant readings

  • SwiftUI
  • Swift
  • ObjC
Monal project details
Source Code
OSI-License 2-Clause BSD:
Teaser Tasks Issues tagged "GSOC Teaser"
Project Contact tmolitor
Getting in Contact or Webchat or via 1:1 chat with tmolitor