Gaston Dombiak Application 2005

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My name is Gaston Dombiak and I'm applying to become a JSF member.


I've been involved in the XMPP/Jabber world since August 2003. My first contact was through Smack (XMPP client library) when I started to contribute to the OS project. By mid 2004 I also started to contribute to Jive Messenger a Java Open Source XMPP Server. I'm now the main engineer of the Jive Messenger project.

Protocol & Code

I haven't written any JEP yet but I have many exprerience implementing them both on the client and server side. I also have an important understanding of the XMPP specs since I had to "study" them to correctly implement our server and client solutions.


You can hear me saying out there things like: "Why use a proprietary and closed solution when you can use the best open and extensible IM protocol?" :). In my country (Argentina) XMPP is not very well known yet but we are slowly introducing XMPP to as many people as we can.

Why I'm Applying

I think that I can contribute to the community much of the knowledge and experience I gained after implementing many JEPs and XMPP specs both on the server and client sides.