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Google Summer of Code 2020

Disclaimer: It is not yet finally decided whether or not the XMPP Standards Foundation will participate in this years GSoC.

The XSF is an umbrella organisation for various XMPP-related projects. As such, there's two tiers involved - the XSF itself, which is responsible for cat-herding mentors to submit ideas, choosing students etc., and the software projects themselves that then mentor students. Anyone interested in participating in GSoC as an XSF student can join the chat room, where various mentors will be available to answer questions and generally help. Although each idea in the lists of project ideas mentions a possible mentor, this MUC is the best place to start.

As there are several disparate projects here, there's variety across several codebases in different languages and with significantly different aims, so take a look through all the ideas - there should be something for everyone here :)

Accepted Projects

Have a look at

Accepted Projects

for the list of our accepted and running GSoC projects 2020.

Project Ideas / Participate

Please visit our

Project Ideas Page

for the list of GSoC project ideas. Students can also engage projects to suggest and discuss their own idea(s) about potential GSoC projects.


Date Event
2020-02-05 19:00 UTC Mentoring organization application deadline
2020-02-20 18:00 UTC List of accepted mentoring organizations published

The complete timeline can be found at the official GSoC 2020 page.

Join the group chat!

Use a regular XMPP client and join the GSoC chat room

How to join: