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XMPP Related Projects


My main project at the moment is UWPX. It's an OpenSource XMPP client (GitHub) for all Windows 10 devices. With Windows 10 devices I mean:

More information about all supported devices can be found here. One of the latest changes for UWPX was upgrading my OMEMO implementation to support OMEMO 0.7.0 and I've written my own OMEMO library.

UWPX Push Server

I'm also working on a push server (UWPX-Push-Server) for UWPX at the moment.
It's based roughly on the Conversations Push Proxy by @iNPUTmice.


Besides my XMPP client (UWPX), I'm also interested in XMPP for IoT.
During my B.Sc. Thesis I started working on an up to date concept for XMPP IoT (esp32-xmpp-iot).
At the moment I'm extending this rather basic concept and I'm trying to build a more complex working prototype, based on a JURA E6 coffee maker. On GitHub you can also find more information and an example video of a running prototype.