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I am applying for membership in XSF. My name is Davide Conzon xmpp:davide.conzon@gmail.com. I live in Italy and I work for the no-profit private Foundation Leading Innovation & Knowledge for Society (LINKS).


Work e-email address: davide.conzon AT linksfounation DOT com

Personal e-mail address and JID: davide.conzon AT gmail DOT com


I attended the Polytechnic of Turin from 2002 to 2007, where in 2005 I received the Bachelor of Science in computer engineering and in 2007 the Master of Science in computer engineering. I was working as researcher in ISMB (now LINKS) since 2007, initially in the Service and Application lab, then since 2011 in the Pervasive Technologies Area (PerT), as main responsible of an XMPP based middleware for the Internet of Things, bringing the concept of virtual network to real objects. My research interests are focused in applications for Internet of Things. In this field, I had worked in various research projects initiatives, mainly funded by EU Commission and by Italian regional government. During years, I gained valuable development expertise with different programming languages, including C, C++, QT, Java (with OSGi) and a deep knowledge of the XMPP protocol and its use as communication channel for distributed applications. Furthermore, I have explored the interaction and interconnection of wireless technologies (Bluetooth, ZigBee and RFID) and WSAN (Wireless Sensors and Actuation Network). You can find some more info on my official curriculum.

XMPP Projects

In this last year, I have worked within the ([1]CPSwarm project) to the development of a distributed optimization and simulation environment for evolutionary optimization of swarms of cyber-pyhsical systems, based on the use of the XMPP protocol. The project is still ongoing, a beta version of the system is already available on the ([2] CPSwarm github repository), the complete release is scheduled for upcoming months.

Furthermore, I'm working with XMPP since 2009, particularly in the use of XMPP as communication protocol for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. I’m the first reference person (design and development leader) of the ISMB internal development of an IoT middleware based on XMPP, which has been used as reference communication platform in several national and European projects. The software is not yet released as open-source, but a number of research papers about it are today available. Here it is the list of the related publications (if you are interested in reading the full text of the papers, please contact me):

Why I'm re-applying

I'm a XSF member since 2015 and I'm still really interested to promote the use of XMPP in the IoT ecosystem, working in collaboration with the other XMPP members and the XSF Concuil to define a list of XEPs and mechanisms, which allow to have standard approaches to leverage the XMPP protocol in typical IoT applications and scenarios (i.e., smart-industry, smart-city and smart-energy). Currently I'm promoting the use of XMPP in several European research projects, apllying it in heterogeneous fields, such as distributed robotics simulation, remote monitoring of industrial devices and fedeteration of IoT platforms.