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Dave Cridland

I'm Dave Cridland. You can contact me on XMPP or Mail. I have no Wikipedia page.


I'm XMPP Team Lead at Isode Ltd, leading on M-Link, our XMPP server. Isode does have a Wikipedia page, yet I don't.


I've written some RFCs, (mostly) relating to mobile internet mail. One of them, QRESYNC, is modelled on the synchronisation algorithm used in Polymer (my mail client), is implemented on QMF, the Qt messaging framework, likely to be used on Nokia MeeGo phones, and (apparently), on the iPhone. Neither Nokia nor Apple have offered me a free device. And I think the least that should do is get me a Wikipedia page, frankly.


I've written (or tweaked) a few XEPs, and spent 30 months on the Council. You'd think that was notable, too, but apparently not. I also lurk on the iteam list, and help out with the odd bit (and bob) - often low-level networking, since I have a shady past as an ISP sysadmin.


Did I mention I've not got a Wikipedia page? I'm not upset by this at all.

What I'd like do do in the XSF

Keep calm, and carry on.

Why should you vote for me

Good question. Maybe you shouldn't. I mean, I don't even have a Wikipedia page, I'm obviously a not notable. Whatever that means.