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The XMPP Standards Foundation (XSF) will hold its 26th XMPP Summit in the two days preceding FOSDEM 2024, 1 & 2 February 2024.

To participate in this (or any future summit), please join the discussion list and ask for an account in this Wiki, so you can add yourself (and/or colleagues) to the list in this page.


The Summit is an annual two-day gathering where we discuss XMPP protocol development topics. It is a place for XMPP developers to meet each other, and make progress on current issues within the protocol and ecosystem. Discussions are often of a deeply technical nature, though we do try to separate these with lighter high-level topics too.

If this sounds like the right event for you, come and join us! It is open to all community members. We just ask that you register here, so we know how many people will attend and we can plan accordingly.

Not sure you would enjoy this event? That's okay, you might prefer to come along and meet us at FOSDEM instead! We will have people from many XMPP projects there, and we'd love to talk to you.

If you have any questions or concerns, just ask someone!

Conduct and policies

We expect all attendees to be familiar with our Community Code of Conduct.

If you would prefer not to be included in any photography of the event, that's totally fine and you're not alone! A member of the XSF's communications team will be responsible for photography and social media posts at the event, just let them know.


Date, Hotel & Venue

  • XMPP Summit 26: Thu, February 1st & Fr, February 2nd
  • City: Brussels, Belgium, Europe

Hotel Booking

As usual, the XSF is arranging a hotel group reservation for the upcoming XSF summit and FOSDEM event.




General contact: xsf chatroom or via web chat

A member of the communications team or another volunteer will post regular updates during the event.

  • Announcement posts:
  • Invite more organizations to the RTC Lounge and Dev room
  • Posters: Maybe some more and bigger “fancy” well designed posters to catch the peoples attention at the FOSDEM.


To sponsor the XSF dinner, summit lunches, materials, or other things, please contact any member of the XSF Board! No donation too small (or too large)!

The following organizations and individuals stepped up for sponsoring:

Amount Sponsor
€512 Alexander Gnauck (individual)
€64 Edward Maurer (individual)

In general, please also help with the general sponsoring discussion.

Thank you for helping this event to continue!


- An Interop day on Wednesday has been suggested

Possible topics (please augment as desired):

Title Author (optional) Present at the Summit (Yes / No)
Example Topic Example Author (optional) Yes / No

Lightning talks & Show-and-tell

Lightning talks

Title Presenter Time Where Comments
Example Feedback from XMPP Strategy talk Eddie TBA At the venue I suggest early so we can put points of discussion on the agenda


Before lunch on the Friday we'll have a chance for people to give a 5 minute presentation of any interesting XMPP things they're working on. If you'd like to take a slot, please put your name and topic in the list below:

Title Presenter
Example Title Example Presenter

Summit Participants

The following people plan to be there in person.

Given name Family name Nickname Hotel check in - out booked? comments
Matthew Wild MattJ Jan 31 - Feb 4 Not booked yet No comment.
Daniel Gultsch iNPUTmice Jan 31 - Feb 5 yes. (Motel One)
Edward Maurer emus Jan 31 - 2nd Feb Not booked yet Xited! ;)
Timothée Jaussoin edhelas Jan 31 - not sure Waiting for the hotel to book Happy to join this year :)
Link Mauve Link Mauve not sure yet no
Nicola Fabiano Nicola Jan 31 - 2nd Feb Not booked yet I was waiting for your news to book flights and hotel
Tim Henkes Syndace Jan 31 - not sure waiting for "official" hotel
Adrien Bourmault neox Jan 31 - Feb 4 not booked yet no comment
Mathieu Pasquet mathieui Jan 31 - Feb 4 Hotel booked, but might change
Daniel Brötzmann cal0pteryx Jan 31 - not sure not booked yet -
Marvin Wißfeld larma Jan 31 - Feb 4 no -
Natalie Wirth Jan 31 - Feb 4 not booked yet -
Bhavy Airi bhavy Jan 31 - Feb 4 no feeling excited for my first ever community summit in person -
Jérôme Poisson Goffi Jan 31 - Feb 5 yes
Alexander Gnauck Alex TODO no planning to attend, have not made detailed travel plans yet
Example First Name Example Last Name Example nickname Jan 31 - Feb 4 no Example comment

Remote Participation

We will use the chatroom for coordination.

The following people plan to participate remotely some or all of the time:

  • Add your name and wiki page please!
  • Singpolyma (talk) 19:18, 30 October 2023 (UTC)


We will provide a best-effort audio/video link to the summit discussions.

A web conference is available at **TBA**

Please note that this conference will only be accessible after a 'host' has joined from the physical meeting room itself.

  • Suggestion: Online separated A/V space for discussion etc.

XSF Dinner

Dinner location and time to be confirmed Details will be published here and on the summit mailing list.

As usual, the XSF will hold a dinner for XSF participants in conjunction with the Summit. XSF members attend for free.

For up-to-date information about the dinner event, please ensure you are on the summit mailing list.

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