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The XMPP Standards Foundation (XSF) will hold its 23rd XMPP Summit in the two days preceding FOSDEM 2019, January 31st & February 1st.

To participate in this (or any future summit), please join the discussion list and ask for an account in this Wiki, so you can add yourself (and/or colleagues) to the list in this page.


Minutes for the Summit:



Please note that the venue is not publicly accessible! You will need to announce your participation beforehand, to allow us to arrange for your access to the building!

Cisco System Belgium
Pegasus Park
De Kleetlaan, 6A
1831 Diegem

Direct trains to Diegem run from both Brussel-Centraal (2-3 trains/hour) and Schuman (1 train/hour). Both routes should take between 15 and 20 minutes. According to Google, it's a 6 minute walk from the station to Cisco Systems Belgium. Schuman is the station closest to the Thon Hotel EU, the 9:31 train should get you at Diegem station around 9:46, which would get you at the summit with a few minutes to spare.

For more routing options, check Google Maps


  • Thu 31st Jan
  • Fri 1st Feb

We'll start at 10:00 on both days. If you plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early, there shouldn't be an issue with getting things going smoothly. We expect to conclude both days around 17:00.


Possible topics (please augment as desired):

  • using OAuth for authentication (Goffi)
  • unified encrypted payload elements (Paul)
  • Compression 2.0 - can we come up with a quick-n-easy (secure) replacement for the current compression XEP before we venture on to EXI?
  • MUC avatars (there is some unofficial support, but no XEP) (Goffi)
  • Message IDs revamped: which of (@id, <origin-id>, <stanza-id>) shall be used for message references (0184, 0333, 0372, Reactions, ...) (Ge0rG)
  • <moved/>: state of reworking and problematics (pep.)
  • Your topic here - add your name please!

Summit Participants

The following people plan to be there in person.

The list of attendees has been provided to the venue! If you're interested in joining us, you're more than welcome, but talk to Guus directly, instead of signing up here!

Given name Family name Nickname Hotel check in - out booked? comments
Paul Schaub vanitasvitae Thursday - Sunday more or less staying with some FOSDEM guys
W. Martin Borgert debacle Wednesday - Sunday, hotel near FOSDEM yes staying with some colleagues
Guus der Kinderen guus Thursday - Sunday @Thon
Maxime Buquet pep. Tuesday - Sunday yes
Florian Schmaus Flow Wednesday - Monday yes
Alexander Gnauck Alex Wednesday - Saturday @Thon
Denver Gingerich ossguy Wednesday - Tuesday yes here for CopyleftConf as well
Justin Hornosty jjrh todo yes In Brussels 2019-01-28 - 2019-02-07
Jérôme Poisson goffi Wednesday - Sunday more or less
Jan-Carel Brand jcbrand
Andrzej Wójcik Wednesday - Monday (most likely) @Thon
Bartosz Małkowski bmalkow Wednesday - Monday (most likely) @Thon
Daniel Gultsch iNPUTmice Tuesday - Saturday yes
Mathieu Pasquet mathieui Wednesday - Sunday yes
Tim Henkes Syndace Wednesday - Sunday yes
Kevin Smith Kev(ish) Wednesday - Saturday yes
Kim Alvefur Zash no flight
Piotr Nosek Fenek - -
Mateusz Bartkowiak W1lq - -
Ralph Meijer ralphm Wednesday - Sunday @Thon
Edwin Mons intosi Wednesday - Sunday @Thon
Emmanuel Gil Peyrot Link Mauve Wednesday - Saturday haha
Winfried Tilanus winfried Wednesday - Sunday @Thon Also here for CPDP
Tobias Markmann Tobi Wednesday - Saturday @Thon
Matthew Wild MattJ Tuesday - Monday (Thon) Nearly Yes
Paweł Ścibiorski alameyo
Holger Weiß Holger Thursday - Sunday (Leopold) yes
Melvin Keskin melvo Wednesday - Sunday yes
Germán Márquez Mejía mancho / manchito Wednesday - Sunday yes
Stephen Paul Weber singpolyma Friday - Wednesday yes here for FOSDEM and CopyleftConf as well
Dave Cridland dwd Thurs - Sunday Yeah, funny story about that. /* ... */

Hotel Booking

As usual, the XSF is arranging a hotel group reservation for the upcoming XSF summit and FOSDEM event.

We will be using the Thon EU hotel (Rue de la Loi 75, B-1040, Bruxelles), which is the same hotel as we've been using in the last few years.

We've reserved a block of single rooms, that are available from Wednesday 30 Jan to Sunday 3 Feb. The rates are as follows:

30/01 185 EURO
Thursday 31/01 135 EURO
Friday 01/02 75 EURO
Saturday 02/02 75 EURO
Sunday 03/02 135 EURO

This room rate is including breakfast buffet, but excludes a mandatory city tax of 4.24 per room and night.

Extra cost for double use is 20 euro per room/night (different rates might apply for children - contact User:Guus if this interests you). A chargeable upgrade in another room type may be necessary as from a third person.

It is not required to book every day: if, for example, you're only attending the Summit, it's fine to only book Thursday and Friday. Do take care to fill out the correct dates in the reservation form!

As there was some questions related to this last year, I'd like to make it clear that it is by no means required to stay in this particular hotel. If you prefer to make your own arrangements, feel free to do so. There are no XSF-specific events scheduled to take place in the hotel, apart from it perhaps becoming the designated taxi pickup point.

If you're interested in a room, please contact User:Guus privately (preferably via email), and I'll provide you a reservation form (or weblink, depending on what Thon is going to make available to me).

This group offer is valid until January 18. All remaining rooms will be released by the hotel on that date. This means that on that date, there's no guarantee that a room is available. The rates as mentioned above wil no longer apply either.

Please note that bookings are individual, between yourself and the hotel. You'll need to provide Thon a booking guarantee by credit card (your credit card information will not be accessible by me). All non guaranteed bookings may be released 72 hours prior to arrival. Rooms may be cancelled in written (again, to Thon, not to me) by fax (heh, I'm quoting this) or email on individual basis 72 hours prior to arrival without any charge. In case of no-show, late cancellation or early departure, the credit card shall be charged for 100% of the stay.

Remote Participation

We will use the chatroom for coordination.

The following people plan to participate remotely some or all of the time:

  • Your name here


Join the meeting via WebEx. Credentials:

  • Thursday, January 31st, 2019:
08:45 CET(?) -- 18:45 CET
Work in progress
  • Friday, February 1st, 2019:
08:45 CET(?) -- 18:45 CET
Work in progress

XSF Dinner

As usual, the XSF will hold a dinner for XSF participants in conjunction with the Summit. XSF members attend for free.

The XSF dinner will take place on Thursday evening, at L’Auberge Bretonne (Brusselsesteenweg 670, 3090 OVERIJSE)

We'll arrange for taxis to bring you from the Thon EU hotel to the restaurant, and back.

If you're interested in joining us, please RSVP by fill out a short form at [1]


The following organizations and individuals stepped up for sponsoring:

  • Alexander Gnauck
  • Isode

To sponsor the XSF dinner, summit lunches, materials, or other things, please contact any member of the XSF Board! No donation too small (or too large)!


Before lunch on the Friday we'll have a chance for people to give a 5 minute presentation of any interesting XMPP things they're working on. If you'd like to take a slot, please put your name and topic in the list below:

  • Goffi: Salut à Toi: what we've made with Pubsub/Jingle, our CLI, XMPP based web framework.
  • Daniel Gultsch: Moya and Quicksy combining phone number and Jabber ID
  • debacle: Live transmission of meteorological measurement data using XEPs 0060, 0138, and 0335, or: IoT w/o IoT XEPs (work in slow progress)
  • Denver Gingerich: JMP - sending/receiving real SMS with your Jabber ID
  • Link Mauve: xmpp-parsers - a library attempting strict parsing of XMPP elements, to help uncover bugs in both implementations and specifications
  • Link Mauve: xmpp-account-manager - weekend project of a web client to manage any generic account
  • Flow: How to spam the XMPP Network with thousands of connections and only two threads
  • Ralph Meijer: Mobile Chat and VoIP – Scalable, multi-region chat and calling in the VEON platform
  • Guus der Kinderen: how I take credit for other peoples work.
  • Matthew Wild: Scansion: Automated XMPP client
  • You: Your topic

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